Dhirendra Mahila P.G College

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Academic Quality Policy

Academic  Creataum Quality Policy is to promote enhancement, promulgate good practice, assure the quality of learning opportunities and the standards of DMMV programmes and awards, and provide evidence of quality to stakeholders. This Policy relates to all students of undergraduate, postgraduate, of the college

Dhirendra Mahila P.G. College is committed to providing the highest quality education and training to our local, regional and national communities of students and employers. It is our intent that all of our students will be given the opportunity to realise their full potential, enabling them to achieve the highest standards in their programmes of learning. Inherent in this achievement is a community of learners that: - are safe and feel safe; are treated equally and fairly; are ambitious; and who gain the skills and attitudes they need to be effective employees and good citizens.

Key to fulfilling ‘success for our students’ is our commitment to continuous improvement to our quality assurance and enhancement processes.

The policy commits College to maintain and improve the quality of its teaching and learning provision through the processes of continuous improvement and quality assurance. The policy applies to all staff, all students and other stakeholders.

    The purpose of this procedure is to:
  • Continually improve the quality of the student experience and our service to employers by monitoring, reviewing, developing and enhancing standards of learning, teaching and assessment.
  • Support the continued development of a College culture which is selfcritical, transparent and responsive.
  • Establish and maintain quality systems and procedures which enable us rigorously to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses and respond to improvement needs effectively.
  • Respond and be accountable to our stakeholders, including learners, employers, partners and the bodies which fund, validate or in other ways collaborate in the work of the College.
  • Ensure that staff in all areas of College activity which impact on the learner and employer experience aspire to excellence and have the awareness and skills necessary to respond effectively to the challenges of self-assessment, action planning and continuous improvement.
    Quality Procedures :
  • Quality Calendar A quality calendar will be published at the start of an academic year that will include the dates of cross college meetings, learning walks, quality summit meetings and other deadlines and dates that are important to the College’s quality assurance processes.
  • Course Approval Rigorous scrutiny and internal approval of all proposals for new or significantly revised courses
  • Curriculum Resource Modelling Rigorous scrutiny and resource approval of the curriculum offer for the academic year
  • Planning Documentation and Student Information Student Handbook and Induction – the course team should ensure that each learner undertakes an induction and is taken through the Student Handbook at the start of their course.
    The following planning documentation is expected: :
  • Schemes of work – detailing the structure, organisation and sequence of subject content, teaching activities and assessment for a unit or qualification
  • Lesson plans – detailing the content, sequence of activities and resources in an individual lesson.
  • Group profiles – to provide an overview of student starting points targets, additional learning support and other information to support student progression and achievement.
  • Student Trackers – to provide an overview of student attendance and progress.