Dhirendra Mahila P.G College

Sundarpur,Near Pani Tanki, Varanasi, UP 221005


Chairman's Message

"Women should be given equal opportunity in education, and they should not be isolated from any development activities.”

If women are educated and given aducate place in the society, the future of a nation will be bright, and there will be Rapid growth in socio economic condition of India. Because women represent almost half of the human race and have played a vital role in the family and Society. Through women education, we would be able to set egalitarian society in our country.

The DMPGC through its academic department and myraid of extracurricular activities is fully devoted to enhancing the competence of women and sustaining their skills and knowledge in the Global market.

College also conduct various Computer training courses as the part of its social Responsibility in alignment with the national skill development mission led by the Honorable Prime Minister of India sri Narendra Modi. The college evaluates students progress and meritorious students are rewarded cash prize and certificate for securing first second and third positions. Cash price and certificate are also awarded to the best library users and the students who secure 100% attendance during their academic year.

Principal's Message

"The college provides an opportunity for a positive atmosphere of Holistic education with a scientific and cultural approach.”

Since the commencement of the institution in 2002, this prestigious institute has made several extensive changes in the arena of seeking and disseminating knowledge.

The college offers a variety of academic and vocational courses in different streams like science humanity commerce computer and media at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Through its excellent infrastructure with its experience and highly dedicated teachers, the college provides the best education to its students and makes them realize their dreams.

There have also been remarkable improvements in the area of discipline, sports and the performing arts, and Academics. Several of the students are pioneers and high performers in the area of business finance, law, and education. Despite its achievement, we have been striving for excellence; will not rest; and will continue to achieve new Heights as women across the Global Village must be to get the education with progressive thought.